Friday, August 24, 2007

Strange Dolls for Strange Times and Strange People! =)

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born Sept. 8th 1970 -Virgo! ♥

Painting History

Began painting murals
in offices, churches,children's rooms
and schools in early 2001-2005
I had to stop because of a hole found
in my heart and fainting and dizziness was a favorite
pastime! Heart surgery May 2005. yay.

Teaching History

Taught children ages 5-12, cartooning, art history and
arts and crafts in over 10 different schools in the
Salt Lake City Valley from 1992-2002.
Teacher for Highschoolers Private School, Tooele, Utah
2001-2002 , taught art history, fun!

Other Art History

Taught watercolor and Drawing with my mom ( she was actually the teacher,
but she is also where I learned many techniques) at age 14-16
at a local Highschool Community Program for all ages.

Designs art for numerous
stamp companies around the world.
some companies include,Stampin' Up!
Stamps on Fire,HALOS,Stamp Emporium,
Creative Images, Creative Chaos, and the
Angel Company.

Published hundreds of pieces of artwork
for Cedarmountain Publishing , for their
affiliate company, Scrapbook Buzz.

Began Contracts with companies and
stores (like Derby Street Shoppes, MA)
to make holiday themed decor for their
displays and stores. 2004-early 2007


1980-1985 I was obsessed with
Elfquest and a little store in
the heart of SLC called Cosmic
Aeroplane. Many a time I would take
a bus (we could do that back then and
not fear getting killed or kidnapped, ha!)
and practically live in that store and read
every magazine my brothers bought
and try to copy the artwork.

In 1987 I attended a school for ding-dongs
like me that HATED normal highschools
and Jocks and Boufs and I just couldn't
seem to make it at the "normal" schools,
So I was 'kicked out' and attended a school
for LOSERS called Valley High. It changed my life,
I met a Japanese hippy teacher
(name withheld) that taught me
that I could do anything I wanted with my talent
and he taught me how to work with clay, paints and
other mediums. He taught me to NEVER quit.
I think of him often when sculpting and painting.

My mom
was an awesome portrait
and watercolor artist and I always strived
to be like her (or better than her! haha)

As a young child (4-12) I was plagued with
nightmares, visions and constantly seeing
a man cloaked in black lurking in the corners
of my home, or sitting on our kitchen chairs
just staring at me..(I later found out that most
of my siblings saw this man also). We eventually
had our house blessed and a sort of an
exorcism and I never saw him again and my
nightmares began to fade with time. That experience opened
me to a whole new thought pattern of 'what-if's' and I began
visiting cemetaries and was very drawn to the morbid,death,beyond
the veil, and the paranormal. My places of MOST comfort is
a good old cemetery, to this day, it brings me much peace
and calmness. The obituaries are my favorite part of any
newspaper, hands down! =)

Mark Ryden (who doesn't learn from him!)
Scott Radke (I love his work so much I feel like crying...haha)
Beth Robinson (love her talent)
Brian Hill (my brother, great artist and musician 1966-1996)
Cart Before the Horse
Jennifer Murphy


Do I have one? Well yes, I guess I do.
To share my art and talents with everyone! yay!

I also feel very strong about
giving children the support, love and push they need and desire
to make something of themselves and KNOW that they can
accomplish anything they want to.

I have 3 children, all girls, ages 18,14 and 9 and all
of them have picked up on art and love it. I love it

I also want to bring my art and love and understanding
to all groups of people. I have a seizure disorder that I have
had since age 16, I have struggled with agoraphobia most
of my adult life and panic and anxiety attacks and numerous
surgeries and therapies. Anyone can do anything that they want
to, maybe not perfect, or maybe not like someone else
with more abilities. And each and every person can bring something
different to this world..and I support it wholeheartedly! So there.


Philosophy,Art (obviously), History, Religion(s),
Music, People-watching...I know rude, but I love it.
I'm probably one of those that other people
watchers watch. =)
Family, and being a loner. hahaha.


Happy Happy Joy Joy
and boo!

--Debbie Kirkpatrick