Saturday, February 16, 2008

My technique for antique Cloth Doll making

I make a variety of dolls. Some with clay, some with fabric. I have several ways I make these dolls. One way with the Cloth Dolls is as follows:

This makes the old, antique,worn out looking doll.....

Stuff your doll and sew pieces together.

Paint on an under layer of a darker color..preferably brown or rust color, over the entire body and head. Let it dry completely.

Then, when the paint is dry. Paint the doll or animal with lighter off white, shell, antique white,light brown or other colors like that. Let that dry completely on your doll.

Then after drying completely ( I stress this because if its not dry it wont work..patience is a virtue! lol) You take sand paper and start sanding the top white layer. This will make your doll have the feel of a rich leathery patina....kind of like old leather.

As you are sanding...pinch places on the dolls and there...and run the sand papers over the pinched or folded area...this will make it look extra old...but not too could put a hole in the doll! But ..actually on some dolls.. that is exactly what I wanted.. so however you want the doll to look. Experiment..and have fun!

Tomorrow... I will explain different techniques on painting your now scratched up doll.