Friday, September 25, 2009

Vladimir Bones, an Antilullaby - Oddolls Collaboration

Here lies Vladimir Bones. While he may be a bit ghastly at first glance, he's actually quite a pleasant little zombie. Don't be afraid to write in him! Even though he has a big toothy grin, he doesn't bite. He'll even let you use his tongue as a bookmark!

Vladimir has been brought to life by Debbie Kirkpatrick, the lovely creator of the beautiful and strange Oddolls. You can find her other wicked works at

Vladimir is definitely one of a kind. We couldn't make him again if we tried. He is the very first of our collaborations.

His skeleton was sewn together by myself using red waxed linen thread. His covers are binder's board covered with handmade canvas bookcloth that I created special for this project. His pages are recycled 70 lb. sketchbook paper. His insides are a wonderful deep purple. He is coptic bound with a crazy neon orange accented spine. Looking quite naked and plain, he then traveled all the way to Utah so that Debbie could begin the transformation.

He is 6 in. x 4.75 in. (not including his funky mane) 10 signatures. 80 pages.

Debbie scuplted his face from paper clay and then added to his whimsical features with acrylic paint. He has a soft hand-sewn tongue hiding away with the rest of his smile inside his back cover. His hair is synthetic, but looks very real! The wart on his nose even has hairs sticking out of it! He then made the journey back to New Jersey and jumped right back out his box!

He's a sculpture, a painting, a book, and a best friend. From his nose to his teeth, Vladimir is the most lovable zombie you'll ever meet, and he'd love to find an exciting new home. Come Visit Us! Vladimir Bones

Feel free to ask us any questions! He is signed by both of us.

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Halloween Dolls,Pumpkins,bats and Mum-Cats!

Hello Everyone!
I have just listed several new items on my website and Ebay!
Lots of fun stuff, some gothic pumpkins, silly mum-cats, hanging bats
and candy corn trios!
Everything is hand made, handpainted , One of kind patterns.
All signed and dated and comes with hang-tags that have each of
their names on it and signed and dated on the back.
Most items I have made for this season of Halloween have been
made with cotton muslin, stuffed with polyfil and cotton,
hand painted with acrylics, sealed with Salley Hansens Acrylic
Flat Sealer and signed and dated on the back.
I've got a few creepy clowns up for sale too!
Come on over to and check out all the new stuff I have listed!
Happy Halloween!
--Debbie Kirkpatrick




Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I have decided to list several new dolls and clowns on Etsy. Since Ebay fees are killing me in the end. 3-4$ dollars for each item just to list and then depending on how much each doll sales for ..between 5-15$ OR MORE in the end. crazy crazy,. So please go on over to Etsy and check out my store there or just simply go to, I have an Etsy widget set up there.

On a better note, I am participating in a 3 gallery shows. 2 are at APW gallery , one is called Dunny Exhibition where I repaint 2-3 Dunny's in my own style...sounds like so much fun! and the other is called big ideas small works...where I make up to 10 art items under 10 inches each for a display...that also sounds like so so so much fun.

I recently just sent off a BIG box of dolls and art to an exhibition in Illinois called Deviant Dolls and Deviantart saw the diplays and we will be in a story on Deviant art! how awesome is that?!?!?

I am getting ready for Halloween and i am starting to make dolls, clowns and other creepy stuff for my favorite holiday EVER>!!>

thanks to all my loyals...kees kees Hug hug xoxoxo


Sunday, February 22, 2009

President Obama on a Magical Unicorn? SIGHTED!!

Come check out my website...... I am always making different dolls never seen before..One of a kind Dolls..or OOAK Dolls. www.oddolls.netPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket