Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Electricity Free Games

Pioneer Games! What to do when the power goes out...and the kids have had enough GameBoy,
coloring books and reading for the moment? Below are some great old-fashioned games that your "up-to-date" Kids will enjoy and get a bit of excersize too!

Drop the Handkerchief

4 or more players

Drop the Handkerchief is similar to Duck-Duck-Goose. Form a circle of players facing each other. The person that is "it" will go around on the outside of the circle. The person that is "it" will drop a handkerchief behind one of the other players. The person that drops the handkerchief will race around the circle in hopes they won't get caught by the person the handkerchief was dropped behind. The people around the circle has to keep checking to see if the handerchief was dropped behind them. The person where the handkerchief was dropped picks up the handkerchief and chases after the person. The first one to sit in the empty spot wins. The one who loses will be "it" next.

Blindman's Bluff

more than 2 players
The game is similar to Marco Polo and is played 2 ways. One person is blindfolded, and calls out ''Blindman's Bluff," like in Marco Polo. One person is calling Blindman and the other calls out Bluff. The person blindfolded has to locate who is calling out bluff. The second way is the person not "it" is silent. The person who is" it" has to find the other one. When they find you, they tag you and guess who it is. Then they are "it".
Knuckle Bones

2 to 4 players

Bones (neck bones from a chicken or turkey) or easy items to pick up (sticks, rocks, nuts,or small items) A place to play.
First the a person tosses the bones up in the air. The tosser has to catch as many bones on the back of the their hand. I the tosser dosent' catch any it's the next persons turn. If they do catch some or drop some they will have a chance to gather all the tossed bones. They have to toss all the bones and try to pick up the remaining bones. The person with the most bones wins.
If you drop all the bones it's the other persons turn,the game game goes on
5 to 10 people
All the children will take off their shoes and put them in the middle of the circle. The "it" person selects a shoe from the pile and closes their eyes while the other players pick out a shoe. They keep the shoes behind their backs. After moving the shoes around the circle all at one time, the person that is "it" says Hunt the Shoe. Now the "it" person has to find the match to the shoe they have selected by guessing.
2 or more people
One person is the leader and the other people are on their hands and knees. Leader starts in back of everyone and leaps over the person that is front of them. They put their hands on the other person's back and jump over the person. Once the leader gets over the person in front of them the back person starts it all over again. As shown in the picture.

Other Pioneer Games
* Chasing Hoops
* Tag
* Skipping rope
* Carving
* Marbles (made of clay)
* Kites
* Checkers
* Hide & Seek
* Tic-Tac-Toe
* String games
* Croquet