Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The end of the world as we know it

and I feel fine........

I named the website Urban Emergency Supply. I was raised Mormon and I have not been active for several years. Although I have tried to go back several times...on and off..and on and parents would be thrilled if I got my endowments, went through the temple and wore garments. But I just can't do it.

I am 37 years old. When I was 18 I got pregnant out of wedlock and had a baby girl. Under the duress and pressure of my bishop, several authorities of the church and my mother, they tried to get me to give her up for adoption. And, of course, to giver her to the church...LDS family services. But, I kept her, and I was disfellowshipped from the church. I never really went back.

I mean....really. 2 years ago was my first time trying to go back, but that was because my Uncle. who is VERY staunch Mormon hired my husband, and moved us out to Las Vegas (hell hole...sorry all you Las Veggians...) to his 5000 sq foot home that he was not currently living in..
A jacuzzi,grand piano, house so big it needed cooling systems on both sides of the house. A view of the city...and of course...we lived on Temple View Drive. LOL.. look it up on Google Earth. Yes..we were practically across the street from the Mormon temple and the ward house up there.

SOooooo...I went back to church and dragged my 2 youngest daughters with me. My then 12 year old daughter and my then 8 year old daughter. My 8 year old ate it up...but that what they do there..they get you when you are young. My 12 year old..said in these words "It makes me fell creepy and icky" . My husband HATED that we were going....but I went for about 4 sessions...and just couldn't do it any more.

I quit...then we moved to Elko Nevada for 1 year (last year 2007) and I went to that ward 3 times. And only my youngest would go. You know.. I think what I missed most were the things of my childhood. Family outings, ward outings...which were so much fun. once a year the entire ward would get together and go into the mountains as families and camp out and have big yummy breakfast's, potato chips, shasta pops on ice (of course no caffeine!), hamburgers off the grill, hiking, campfires (which I fell into one as a young a ward outing)..I missed the camaraderie of kids my age... hell, my best friend (who is still my best friend to this day) grew up across the street from me and her family were staunch Mormon.. so I had someone to hang with, share with, sluff church with =). As I got into my preteens...I started to rebel..and hate church..My best friend, Karen..and I sluffed as much as we could...walking to the nearest gas station for pops and maybe even smoking a bit on the railroad track up the way.

What did stick with me as I got older..was the belief that we should be prepared for emergencies...
Mormons highly believe in 1-2 year food storages...I really put it on the back burner over the years..but as the world gets crazier the more I think we should prepare. So I started a website, of I am slowly but surely collecting my own foods and supplies.

Just today I was in my art room and my 10 year old came in and said "Mom, come here, I need you to see something." She sounded so serious...She had her old backpack on the couch with all the contents spilled on the couch...
They werent school items.

They were the makings for a 72 hour kit. I had it hanging in the hall closet with 3 other backpacks that I making 72 hour kits with.

She said, "mom, I was looking for Pokemon cards and I found this stuff in here" I just laughed and said "Put it all is for a 72 hour kit" She freaked out..."Why do we need one of those??" She asked. I said, "Well, if there was an earthquake or some kind of emergency, we could just grab them and go" She said "We will have an earthquake?" I was like..oh we go....the paranoia sets in. Thats all I need, along with her fear of elephantiases (I am not sure how to spell that sucker) and parasites. "Well", I said, "Every state has some sort of emergency thing that COULD happen, we should just prepare, now put that stuff back where you found it"

So anyway, hope this doesn't start an avalanche of earthquake nightmares for her.

Below is a section from my MIGHT be interesting.. =)

Our Goal for this website is to inform
and help every person and family in
the world who is ready and willing to
begin their food storage, 72 hour kits,
emergency preparedness kits, 1 year and 2
year storage supplies.

In a beautiful world going bad, we need
to prepare for the inevitable. Every faith,
belief system and country are beginning
to see that, yes, we are on the edge of a

Millions of foreclosures country (USA)
wide, rising gas prices and other expenses
is blatantly telling us to PREPARE for
the worst.

So folks, that is our goal, if you are ready...
if you are willing...start...start small...
but just start with that Food Storage, that
72 hour kit, that Emergency preparedness Kit,
That 1 and 2 year storage...a bit here and
a bit there is better than never starting
at all. Right? Right.